On the evocative timeline of Colorado history, Old Colorado City holds a special place. Dating back to 1859, it was the first capital of the Colorado Territory. Today, it thrives as a bustling neighborhood under Colorado Springs, where past meets present. Cradling a unique charm, it spins a narrative of historic experiences, artisan boutiques, delightful eateries, and an vibrant arts district, rightly recognized as a National Historic District.


Old Colorado City marks its geographical imprint at the eastern foot of Pikes Peak, in the central sector of the state. Serving as a junction between the mountainous topography to the west and the Great Plains to the east, it blesses the region with a unique texture. Red Rock Canyon Open Space forms its natural southern boundary, offering a distinguished landscape. Old Colorado City revels in the temperate semi-arid climate of Colorado, showcasing warm summers and mild winters under a mostly sunny sky.


Delving into the demographic canvas of Old Colorado City exhibits a population that manifests a harmonious blend of younger families, seasoned adults, artists, and entrepreneurs. Sharing a demographic composition with Colorado Springs, it houses predominantly Caucasians, along with a rich mix of other ethnicities, validating a cultural vibrancy. Educational pursuits are well-facilitated by reputed elementary and middle schools within the city block, while higher education interests find solace in the broader domain of Colorado Springs. 

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