Nestled in El Paso County, Colorado, Falcon is an unincorporated community inviting one and all to partake in its charm. Originally a railroad junction and predominately agricultural area, Falcon has been transitioning steadily into a sought-after residential community. Its balance of rural tranquility and modern amenities generates a lifestyle that seamlessly bridges tradition and contemporaneity, making Falcon a vibrant corridor to the metropolis of Colorado Springs.


On the geographical front, Falcon is strategically positioned in eastern Colorado, approximately 14 miles northeast of the bustling city of Colorado Springs. The community is sprawled over the High Plains, embellished with gradual inclines, native grasslands, and sparse scrub. The undulating terrain, dotted with farms and open fields, pays tribute to Falcon's agricultural roots. Falcon graces the semi-arid climatic zone, treating its inhabitants to warm summers and cool winters punctuated by periodic snowfall, making it a testament to the four-season wonder that is Colorado.


Dipping into the demographic pool, Falcon houses a steadily growing population numbering close to 10,000 residents. Predominantly residential, the Falcon community consists mostly of families, with the median age being approximately 33 years, indicating a youthful and dynamic population. Demographically, Falcon's residents are mostly Caucasian, but there's an evident cultural mix represented by Hispanic, African-American, and Asian ethnic groups. The nearby military bases contribute to the population, with military families adding diversity to Falcon's demographic tapestry. Education is prioritized in Falcon, with numerous schools operating under the District 49 Educational Zone.

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